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hey guys, welcome to my blog. I'm cool. and a panromantic ace. tho that doesn't matter since i am TAKEN!

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*thinks about fave character* *SMILES REALLY HUGE AND COVERS FACE*


some of you are so shallow basing who you want to date purely off looks, you have to consider other qualities about the person too like do they have lots of money, do they drive a nice car etc

peeta decorated a couple cakes in his life,yanno, maybe a couple a week, with a bit of fucking icing and suddenly he has the ability to create six art on his whole body, lying down, with a bit of mud and then paints a fucking perfectly precise pic of rue on the floor in FIFTEEN MINUTES 8C

fucker calm down


Its that time again guys!
So Helloooo People of tumblr!
This is a giveaway for people following me.
Yeah, darn, ya gotta be following me to win.
But speaking of winninngggg, Heres what you could win!

-3 pairs of contacts from Pinky Paradise
-50$ worth of anything you want off of amazon/ebay
-ANY cosplay you want thats under 150$ (excludes wig)
-3 wigs of your choice! (each wig must be under 35$ without shipping)
-A Mac Makeup Palette
-A bunch of other makeup! ((Eyeliner, Lipstick, Lipgloss, Makeup brushes etc).
{{Prizes not depicted}}
-2 fandom shirts of your choice
-A flower crown
-A ever so fashionable galaxy necklace

Now For The Rules! Make Sure You Read These!

-You Must Be following Me!
-You can start following me while the giveaway is going then win, but you must be following me even if you reblogged by the time it ends.
-Likes & Reblogs count! You may reblog more than once!
-You have to be comfortable with giving me your address.
-I ship worldwide

This will end December 31st 2014 at 2:00PM (CDT)

a carry on from my last post

and then I remember that Haya exists and it’s like how is such a beautiful flower blossoming in this fuckin patch of weeds
like a flower of sexiness and beautiful art tho 8O

go follow drawn-oneyebrows
is that where the hyphen goes? it certainly goes somewhere.



How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?

Oh man.

I loved GotG, but this is fantastic and true.


Ashfur - Mr. Brightside x x


Feminists: Abolish gender roles! Girls can like masculine things and boys can like feminine things!

*a group of men unashamedly loves a cartoon made for little girls*

Feminists: DISGUSTING youre invading a space that doesnt belong to you and SOILING IT with your MASCULINITY you fedora wearing neckbeards!

if y’all honestly think that’s why we hate some bronies, you gotta be doing some research.




It’s almost fall you know that means we will all be needing some









dont bring this back

I waited an entire year to make this post.  It’s coming back.